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Califia Cycle, 2012. A collaboration with Miles Votek and Zander Mackie.

Clips from the American Rails, 2015. A work in progress.


Latino Community Foundation Gala, 2015
Directed and Produced

Black Lives Matter Protest, Boston, 2014
Directed and Produced

Butler Koshland Fellowships Founding Story, 2014
Directed and Produced

Inspiration for the Presidio Exchange, 2013
Directed and Produced

Meet the Parks Conservancy, 2013
Directed and Produced

Trails Forever 10th Anniversary, 2012



Starting as a Butler Koshland Fellow and later serving as Director of Special Projects, I worked alongside the President and CEO on strategic planning, program development, fundraising, and executive communications on a range of projects, including:

The New Presidio Parklands Project – Reinventing how visitors are welcomed to the Golden Gate National Parks, this project will create 13 acres of new parkland atop newly constructed freeway tunnels, providing a dramatic designed landscape, a Youth Campus with a “Learning Landscape,” and a gracious new plaza for the Presidio Visitor Center. Learn More

The Presidio Exchange – A proposal for a center to explore the intersection of nature and culture at the Golden Gate. The project included a program plan, building and landscape architecture, business plan, and wide-reaching grassroots campaign. Learn More

The Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary – A year-long celebration including the Golden Gate Festival, 75 Community Tributes to the Bridge, and lasting improvements to the visitor experience at the Bridge Plaza. Learn More

NEW ROOT, 2008 – present

New Root is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve biodiversity, livelihoods, and education in Central America. Our projects are currently focused in western Honduras, around Copán Ruinas.  My brothers (Bill Fash and Nathan Fash) and I co-founded the organization in 2008 and have piloted projects in reforestation and agroforestry in collaboration with local schools.  We are currently in a planning phase for future projects.

BLUXOME POINT, 2010-2014

Bluxome Point was an artist-run space celebrating innovative approaches to art making and community building. We incubated contemporary work that was activated by social gathering. Miles Votek, Zander Mackie, and I directed the space and used it as our production studio.

Located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, we strove to regenerate the artistic culture that once thrived in a district transformed by condo developments, software companies and AT&T Park. We offered informal artist residencies and put on 15 shows featuring the work of more than 50 emerging visual, sound and performance artists.

The space was made possible by the generous spirit of our landlord, John Maillard, who offered affordable studio spaces to many artists for decades at 63 Bluxome Street. John passed away in 2012. In 2014, the rent was tripled and the community moved on. Zander Mackie is now a film editor in New York, Miles Votek is making videos and sculpture in Joshua Tree, and I’m getting my PhD in Geography at Clark University.

Click here for an archive of the Bluxome Point website.


I’m an artist turned geographer focused on social and environmental justice. My main interests lie in political ecology, natural resource management, livelihoods, and place-based identity.

I grew up navigating the cobblestones of Copán Ruinas, Honduras, the cornfields of Illinois, and the suburbs of Boston. I received a B.A. in Studio Art at Wesleyan University, did a visiting term at the San Francisco Art Institute, and am currently pursuing a PhD in Geography at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

This site features a number of past photo and video projects, in which I play with some of the dichotomies of the everyday, forming connections between vast/intimate, inside/outside, occupied/vacant, settled/unsettled, sacred/profane, and visceral/intellectual. I’ve shown my art in solo and group shows in San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, New York, and New England. I’ve also worked in galleries and museums, taught photography, and co-directed an artist-run space called Bluxome Point in San Francisco.

I also have seven years of nonprofit leadership experience. In 2008, my brothers and I co-founded New Root to improve biodiversity, livelihoods and education in our hometown of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. I then received a Butler Koshland Fellowship to gain mentorship in nonprofit leadership with Greg Moore at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. I went on to serve as Director of Special Projects, leading planning, program development, fundraising, and executive communications on a range of projects including the the New Presidio Parklands Project and the Presidio Exchange.

Now, as I pursue a PhD, I am working to integrate art, geography, and public service in scholar-activist work in Honduras. My research is funded through a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.